A People-oriented innovation

C-PEOPLE, Calzedonia Group People, is the new Human Resources Management suite that will lead Calzedonia Group towards an integration and upgrade of the main People-Oriented company processes.


C-PEOPLE represents a step forward in the direction of a better interaction between Calzedonia Group and all its People.

A closer look

C-PEOPLE is a SAP product known as SuccessFactors that has more than 130 million users all over the world.

The first modules chosen for the Calzedonia Group suite are:

Employee Central
Performance & Goals
The evolution of the project

C-PEOPLE will officially go live in January 2020 with Performance & Goals and Learning modules, to support the year-end feedbacks campaign and the launch of new learning contents.

The population of the Group involved in this first stage of the project will be Italian Companies and Retail Subsidiaries around the world. 

During 2020, implementation of the Employee Central and Onboarding modules will be completed, with Compensation added last, at the end of 2020.

Be ready to discover the growth of this project and enjoy the HR digital revolution!