From Sri Lanka to Italy

Calzedonia Group has always paid close attention to the world of women, and indeed 90% of the company’s employees are women, a percentage also confirmed in the production area.

Employees around the world

This cannot be taken for granted in all the social and cultural fabric of the nations where the businesses are developed; for this reason the Group decided to organize the first Women’s Empowerment event for the production area.

Ten colleagues from Sri Lanka, chosen not only for their history in the company and their achievements, but above all for their particular bond with the Group and the passion they invest in it, came to Italy to enjoy a unique motivational experience.

The Experience

During their trip, the colleagues visited Venice, Milan and Verona, and took part in their first Intimissimi Fashion Show.

They also spent two days at HQ, participating at several training sessions, during which they had the opportunity to explore the offices they communicate with every day, and to find out more about the Group’s history and achievements.


The main focus of the project was the Women’s Empowerment encounter, organised with the aim of strengthening the role of women in everyday working activities.

This event featured the intervention of several areas within the Group, from the San Zeno Foundation to the Quid Project, as well as the departments in the headquarters, with speeches that inspired and motivated the colleagues.


The underlying objective of this event – as well as to reinforce the sense of belonging to the Group – was to share this strong message:

all over the world, Calzedonia Group believes in women and enhances their value.