The new Atelier Emé Headquarter
A delightful place, brimming with savoir faire, where women’s dreams come true

Marvels that spring to life in special places, home to supremely stylish tailoring and exquisitely Italian expertise.

Special places like our new Atelier Emé Headquarter in Castiglione delle Stiviere, in the 5,000-square-metre facility, with a formula that allows us to shape fabulous, fairy-tale creations.

From the Style Office

Where the creative inspiration that comes from pure imagination is printed in black and white, on sketches and silhouettes

To the Production Dept

Where tulle, silk, taffeta and lace become amazing wedding dresses

In this unique location, a total of 65 dressmakers cut and sew with painstaking precision, each with their own special, specific skill: cutting and sewing, embroidery, assembly, fabric research and appliqués, and so on.

This is what allows our dressmaking department to craft authentic sartorial masterpieces, thanks to a series of processes characteristic of the world of haute couture.



Moulage, or draping, means shaping the fabrics directly onto a mannequin, to ensure the finest possible quality and fit.



Openwork is a lacemaking technique that involves manually cutting and shaping on a mannequin to obtain an exclusive embroidery effect.



The dresses are finished exclusively by hand, with invisible seams on the finished garment to meet the bride’s every request and make her special day just as unique as she is.

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Step into the heart of Atelier Emé

and take a peek behind the scenes

On 16 September, Atelier Emé opened the doors of its new Headquarter, hosting a unique event in which guests were treated to an immersive experience.

From the style office to the dressmaking department, including the presentation of the new 2022 bridal collection, also through the company archives, where the Brand’s most iconic dresses were on show: a waking dream made of fabrics and textures, fine lace and embroidery and authentic, intense emotions.

Take a trip through the wonderland of Atelier Emé.