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Towards a transparent supply chain
Discover the Traceability Project

Since its foundation, Calzedonia Group has always sought not only the beauty and quality of its products, but the painstaking attention paid throughout the supply chain, from production through to sale to the end customer.

Today, around 80% of the items we sell is produced in our own production plants. This organisation allows us to keep product quality high and prices affordable, while maintaining tight control over working conditions and the services provided to our employees.

Colleagues in production and logistics
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Garments produced in-house each year
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The Traceability Project

The synergy between the Group’s sustainability pathway and the direct management of the supply chain has allowed us to operate more transparently towards our customers.

For the Calzedonia, Intimissimi, Intimissimi Uomo and Tezenis brands, this commitment is embodied in the “Traceability” section that can be found in the product pages on the e-commerce websites. This new feature, dedicated to the production plant and logistics hub the selected item comes from, allows customers to:

  • find out more about where our garments come from
  • get to know the people who work with us and their stories
  • appreciate more than ever the Group’s commitment to monitoring the supply chain
Dedicated features

Find out how the stories of our plants unfold


The plant

The location of the production plant or logistics hub, the people who work with us, the targets reached and lots of other information.


Production phases

The goods categories and the main processing phases that go into making the items present in our stores and e-commerce websites.


Working environments

The Group has always paid close attention to the quality of working environments. In this feature, we share this attention with our customers.


Respect for the environment

A focus on sustainability, to highlight our achievements and the attention all our plants devote to this issue.


Benefits for employees

A look at the services offered by the Group to its employees.


Attention to the community

A feature on the setting our plants are built in and the support we offer local communities.



The Group’s most important resource are the people who are part of it. This is why this project wouldn’t be complete without some of their stories.

The project for each Brand

Discover where to find it on the e-commerce websites

Would you like to see the project for the individual brands?


You can access the content directly from the e-commerce websites, in the “Traceability” section, in the specifications for each item.


For the Intimissimi, Intimissimi Uomo and Tezenis brands, you’ll find the feature at the bottom of the product page, respectively in the sections “Project #intimissimicares: traceability” and “Project Be The Change: traceability”.


Lastly, for the Calzedonia brand, you can view the information by clicking on “product info”, then “Traceability #calzedonia4tomorrow".

New developments

The project is evolving all the time, and more and more plants will become part of it, with the pertinent features.


The project will soon also regard the Falconeri and Atelier Emé brands.


Take a look now at our production plants and logistics hubs already on the map!

Discover our supply chain

The project was born in synergy with the colleagues of all the production and logistic plants.

Only thanks to the collaboration of everyone, it was possible to communicate our realities through an authentic and transparent story.