20 years of Tubla and Sirio
Join us to celebrate these important milestones!

Tubla, one of the largest hosiery factories in Croatia, and Sirio, one of our production plants in Sri Lanka, have celebrated the 20th anniversary of their foundation.

Join us to take a look back on the celebrations to mark this important milestone!

year of foundation
20 years of Tubla

Find out more about the plant and the day of celebrations

Tubla was founded in 2001, as the first Calzedonia Group production plant in Croatia, thanks to the enterprising spirit of Dubravko Hoić and Francesco Ruffoli, and effectively became operative in July 2002, with 101 employees, producing 7 million pairs of socks and tights already in the first year.

20 years later, Tubla now employs more than 500 people and production planned for 2022 totals over 80 million pairs of finished products. The celebrations took place at the height of the summer, in July, with more than 1000 guests, including Tubla workers and their colleagues from other production plants in the country. Guests enjoyed a fun day together, with lots of music: a famous Croatian group was engaged for the occasion, and the highlight of the day was a marvellous concert.

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20 years of Sirio

Find out more about the plant and the day of celebrations

Sirio was founded in October 2002 in Badalgama, a town around 60 km from the Sri Lankan capital Colombo. It currently employs 2000 people, and over the years has become one of the country’s leading manufacturers and exporters of corsetry.

In November, it celebrated the 20th anniversary of its foundation, along with Matteo Veronesi, Riccardo Romani and all the plant’s employees. During the thrilling celebrations, which consisted of traditional Sri Lankan dancing, music and rituals, awards were presented to colleagues that have been working loyally, diligently and enthusiastically for Sirio for the last 20 years.

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