Italy’s renowned wine shop chain has finally crossed national borders: Signorvino opened in Prague on 9 November and in Paris on 1 December. In Paris, the sign occupies three floors with an outdoor area of a building in Place Saint Michel, a few steps from Notre-Dame Cathedral.

Themed events, tastings and meet-ups with producers are also planned in Prague and Paris as part of the 'Journey in Taste' project.

“In Paris, we'll offer a diverse selection of Champagne without deviating from our concept. As for the wine and food offering, we’ll keep relying on our suppliers, as we believe that the uniqueness and authenticity of Italian cuisine are key factors for success.”


Federico Veronesi, Signorvino Brand Leader 


A memorable journey starts before leaving, envisioning routes, planning stops, dreaming about destinations, listening to stories, and savouring expectations.
Perhaps that's the most exciting part of the journey—an invitation to use your imagination to explore and embrace the beauty you'll encounter.
“Viaggio nel gusto” (Journey Across Flavours) started by looking for excellent Italian wines that tell stories of courage and passion. The goal was to create a journey that fully captures the stories and flavours of Italian viticulture.

“Signorvino is a benchmark for food and wine enthusiasts and those who want to discover this magic world while having fun and experimenting the best Italian products. “Viaggio nel gusto” is Signorvino’s manifesto, a concept that allows us to express our enthusiasm in exploring Italy’s incredible gastronomic heritage”


Federico Veronesi, Signorvino Brand Leader 

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