Calzedonia Group priorities

A process inspired by the 2016 GRI Standards

Best practices for non-financial reporting restrict the scope of company efforts to the topics most relevant to stakeholders.


In 2017, through an internal materiality analysis, the Calzedonia Group identified the priorities to focus its efforts on, comparing available documentation on the market and the results of other companies in the industry, nationally and internationally.


Inspired by the 2016 GRI Standards drafted by the Global Report Initiative, the process had three phases:

Research and identify the relevant issues, that is, those of potential interest to the Group and its stakeholders, supported by an examination of the Code of Ethics and by a benchmark analysis on the non-financial reporting produced by the major listed companies in the textile, clothing and retail industry.

Assessment of relevant issues: in the first two years defining the materiality matrix, the Group's main Italian companies were tasked with the assessment of the priorities to attribute to the pertinent themes, for the Group and for external stakeholders. Starting from 2020, we plan on involving the managers of all Group companies and our main suppliers.

Identification of material issues: an initial materiality matrix has emerged from our assessments. It is made up of 7 material issues:

  • Customer satisfaction and safety;
  • Calzedonia Group employee and collaborator well-being and that of their families;
  • Contribution to social and communal well-being;
  • Responsible management of manufacturing processes and suppliers;
  • Product innovation;
  • Efficient use of resources;
  • Governance.

Materiality matrix structure

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