Business model

Our Vertical supply chain integration

The Calzedonia Group is vertically integrated and controls all steps in the supply chain, from manufacturing all the way through to the final products you know and love. Today, in our facilities, we manufacture about 87% of all the products we sell.


Our Italian offices in Verona, Avio and Castiglione delle Stiviere are where our designs are born;


Manufacturing takes place at the Group's tried and true factories located in Italy, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Bosnia and Ethiopia;


The entire process is completed at our logistics centres, where the final goods are distributed to our shops or to the end customer (through company owned shops, ecommerce or franchises).



These are consistent, stable investments that normally employ an elevated number of employees.

Unlike many other businesses in the industry, the Calzedonia Group prides itself  the working conditions and the services provided to employees and collaborators. 

We also pay attention and react to:

  • Respect for the environment;
  • Security;
  • Control over energy sources;
  • Use of raw materials.



The ownership of our factories gives us the opportunities including the coordination of manufacturing along with other steps along the supply chain, ensure complete adherence to the Group's needs, and have a deeper understanding of the social fabric in which our companies operate and any potential issues that may arise.

Due to this approach, throughout the entire production supply chain, the Calzedonia Group is committed to:

  • Complying with the highest safety, health and environmental protection standards;
  • Offering optimal working conditions;
  • Providing adequate wages and contributing, as much as possible, to the growth of the communities that host the companies.


Our approach to sensitive issues is further described in the Group's Code of Ethics.

Our contribution to sustainable development

Conscious commitment in every project

We are committed to completing each project with awareness, based on our knowledge, company culture and experience. This is why we have started a reporting programme which led us to the first Group Sustainability Report for the year 2019.


In the Report we followed the reporting standard indicated by Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), which brought us to identify the KPIs most suited to our company and to measure the progress of Calzedonia Group in sustainability’s field.


Following the direction of the Agenda for the Sustainable Development of the United Nations we have identified 10 goals (SDGs) to which we believe we can contribuite positively.

Model and approach to sustainability

Our manufacturing facilities

Control and direct responsibility on the supply chain, with a growing commitment to sustainability.

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Our stores

Energy, innovation and low-impact furnishings for welcoming and functional stores.

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Our logistical organization

Efficient and continuously updated distribution centers for process optimization along the entire chain.

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Responsible manufacturing and suppliers management


Responsible purchasing processes to achieve social, environmental and production goals.

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Recycling has always been part of the Calzedonia Group's way.

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Fondazione San Zeno

Over 18 years, almost 1.000 initiatives supported through more than 300 organizations.

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World in Progress and SDGs

On 25 October 2019, the Calzedonia Group joined the Fashion Pact, a coalition of 65 major fashion companies, with the aim of guiding the sector towards a reduction of the environmental impact.