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The people who work with us are the Group's most important resource. This is why we have consistently focused on creating the best possible conditions in the workplace, supporting our employees throughout their career path at the Calzedonia Group

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Calzedonia Group employees around the world

The number of employees at the Group as of 31.12.2019

39,194Employees around the world
58.3%In manufacturing plants
39.9%In sales roles

Calzedonia Group employees

Our model

Career paths and meritocratic incentives to grow our people

Evolution of our staff

Numbers of our internal population.

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Values and leadership style

A work ethic based on solid principles.

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Equality and diversity

Policies and initiatives to defence diversity.

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Attracting, developing and promoting talent

A wide range of opportunities through Calzedonia Group Careers.

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Professional growth

A constant dialogue between employees and managers to favor professional growth.

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Training at Calzedonia

Specific and ongoing training along each career path.

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The physical and mental health of our people is at the heart of our attention. Calzedonia ensures that all its employees, from whatever their geographic origin and social extraction, have access to basic healthcare. In the poorest countries in which we operate, this is supplied directly by the Group through the presence of the healthcare staff in our offices and the creation of agreements stipulated with local hospitals and clinics.


Calzedonia recognises the social and economic value of education and continuous training and, to do so, actively invested in training courses dedicated to the professional and human growth of its people. Through the San Zeno Foundation, it promotes study, training and employment projects in many different countries across the globe.


Calzedonia is a firm believer of female potential and works to enable its professional and economic growth and development in the company. Special attention is paid to the empowerment and emancipation of our employees in the countries where women are most discriminated against.


Dignity of work is one of the top priorities for the Calzedonia Group. In this sense, the Group has always paid particularly close attention to the quality of the workplace present in our commercial and production branches and has always striven to respect maximum health and safety levels in the workplace, offering optimal conditions and paying adequate salaries.


The Calzedonia Group works hard to reduce social inequalities: we are aware that a fairer, longer-lasting social and economic development also involves the sharing of operative and technological know-how and this is why we work to make sure that it becomes the heritage of our people and the communities in which we live and not only of our companies.