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Verona, ITALIA
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Calzedonia s.p.a. - Vallese

The Vallese distribution centre was founded in 2000, about 20 kilometres from the headquarters, marking the start of in-house management of garment distribution logistics. Since the company began using this hub to directly ship products to stores, instead of using the warehouses of external suppliers, the delivery service and shipping efficiency has improved to a huge extent.

calzedonia group traceability
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calzedonia group traceability
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calzedonia group traceability
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calzedonia group traceability
Volume reduction of the boxes

Our people

Many of our 202 employees – 146 of them women – are parents, so the hub hosts a crèche for their children. A canteen service is guaranteed, as well as language and training courses to encourage opportunities for personal and professional development. Mobility and stretching courses are also organised and delivered by specialised physiotherapists, with the aim of improving employees’ physical well-being and health.

Respect for the environment

The hallmark features of the Vallese logistics hub are the close attention paid to technologies, a desire for on-going improvement and respect for the surrounding environment, in line with the company’s principles. This is confirmed by the “ISO 50001 – Energy management systems” certification, and the exclusive use of electricity from renewable sources. Other investments under way include the implementation of LED lighting to reduce energy consumption, the installation of photovoltaic systems for the plant to produce its own energy, and the installation of heat pumps for climate control of the working environments. With this investment, the plant will be able to run exclusively on electricity from renewable sources. In the operations area, a technology has recently been installed with the aim of reducing the volume of packages shipped to stores by 10%, also optimising the number of shipments. This move will not only significantly boost transport efficiency, but will also allow for a reduction in the CO2e emissions transport causes.

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