The customers, people and well-being of the communities are top priorities for the Calzedonia Group and this is why we have always been committed to guaranteeing the best we can to everyone we meet along the way.

Intimissimi with Humana

Intimissimi has decided to collaborate with Humana to make a concrete contribution towards the world’s social and environmental well-being.

In addition to being committed to the collection and donation of items of clothing, Intimissimi has also decided to fund “The Strength of the Quilombola Women” project. The project heart is the 50 Quilombola women from the state of Bahia, where it is above all the women who fight everyday against the scarcity of food in the area and the lack of employment opportunities. Humana and Intimissimi have decided to help these women through the creation of small agricultural cooperative companies by which to improve their access to food and economic stability.

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