San Zeno Foundation

Growing together through education and work

Founded in 1999, it is a foundation that allocates funds to institutions and associations for education and work projects in Italy and around the world.




WEBSITE: www.fondationesanzeno.org

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The main objective is to offer concrete possibilities to people who find themselves experiencing situations of hardship, uncertainty and difficulty, towards the achievement of their own economic and thought autonomy.

To improve the quality of the study.

To create training opportunities and offer opportunities for undertaking a work activity.


San Zeno Foundation firmly believes in people as different makers of their own change, of their own growth towards freedom.

It focuses on tailor-made job placements, intellectual disabilities, young people in school leavers, prisoners.

He believes in a school that is a place of well-being for teachers and students, a source of passion and talents and trainer of the citizens of tomorrow.


  • Primum non nocere

"First, do no harm." Act with caution and responsibility. Be aware of the role of financier attentive to development paths without neglecting the impacts that the support produces in the beneficiaries.

  • Accompany

The evaluation process represents the first step in getting to know the institution and the proposed project. In this perspective, evaluating means knowing, analyzing, pondering, but above all enhancing.

Evaluation is a dense phase, made up of listening, meetings and visits. Speak in person with those who carry out the activities, with those who coordinate, manage and with those who participate. Trying to capture nuances, deepen visions and strategies, understand the path that is around the presented proposal.

  • Take part

Sharing, understanding and participating in the development processes of individual projects, enhancing good practices, interpreting limits and problems from a perspective of improvement.

  • Promoting autonomy

Give priority to initiatives that know how to promote autonomy, cultural and educational growth.

San Zeno Foundation operates in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Europe, supporting initiatives in the priority areas of education, work and social development.


San Zeno Foundation together with the Calzedonia Group.

Thanks also to the fundraising campaign in the Calzedonia and Intimissimi stores in Italy which, during the months of October and November, raised 3% for the realization of the San Zeno Foundation projects. Three cents of each euro of expenditure become schools, libraries, training activities, job opportunities. Not only ideas for a better future remain. They become concrete aid.


Countries where projects were carried out from 1999 to 2020


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