Intimissimi Uomo is the most recent endeavour from the Calzedonia Group: a new brand of underwear, knitwear, nightwear, socks and swimwear created just for men.

Always on-trend

Synonymous with style, quality and comfort, Intimissimi Uomo is distinguished by a wide range of products, materials, prints and colors, always in-line with current trends. Focusing on the digital market, Intimissimi Uomo invests in marketing on the main media channels, collaborating with male style icons as brand ambassadors.

A growing brand

In rapid expansion, today Intimissimi Uomo has 149 stores in Italy and abroad (in Spain, Portugal, Greece, Russia, Lithuania, Poland with new openings currently scheduled). Thanks to e-commerce, the brand's collections can be purchased in over 20 countries.


Intimissimi Uomo's Stores

Map World
A vision of the male world

Digital Projects


Since the start, Intimissimi Uomo has been active on digital channels and the brand's social media profiles thanks to numerous collaborations with iconic men, from sports ambassadors such as Marco Borriello, Francisco and Niccolò Porcella, Gregorio Paltrinieri, Luca Dotto, and Alex Ranghieri, to style icons like Stefano De Martino and Marco Fantini.


Underwear Campaign 2017


In December 2017, Intimissimi Uomo had its TV début with a campaign starring three exceptional athletes: footballer Marco Borriello, surfer Francisco Porcella, and extreme sport athlete Niccolò Porcella. Their three different styles have been retold through moments of daily life, passion and determination, without ever sacrificing style and attention to detail - all values at the heart of the Intimissimi Uomo universe.


Sponsorships - Giro d’Italia 2019


Intimissimi Uomo is an official sponsor of the 2019 Giro d’Italia. With the two brands sharing values such as Italian-ness, passion and innovation the sponsorship led, for the first time in the history of the bicycle race, to a sponsor's garment being worn underneath the pink jersey.


Beachwear Campaign 2019


In June 2019, Intimissimi Uomo returned online with an advertising campaign to present the new Beachwear Collection.

The star of the campaign, set in the natural landscape of Sardinia, was Francisco Porcella, Brand Ambassador, who wore Intimissimi Uomo swimwear when in action in and out of the water.