Innovating our Shopping Experience

Ever since E-commerce was launched in 2011, the Group has always focused on achieving perfect alignment between online and offline channels, offering the same products at the same prices and with the same promotions, with the goal of expanding the service offered to the customers. The synergism of almost 5,000 stores in the world linked to the more recently introduced online channel is still a significant challenge for the Group.

With the goal of constantly reinforcing the alignment between channels, at the end of 2018 Calzedonia Group inaugurated a new integration of the Omnichannel Plan, which aims to align the various functions already operating on the E-commerce portals (such as receiving an online order and returning it to the store, the Multichannel Gift Card, the Multichannel Loyalty system and the Product Locator) with other innovative functions to offer the best service possible to the clientele and return the brick-and-mortar stores to the center of the strategy.

O2O – Offline to Online

On October 29, 2019, a fundamental element was added to the Omnichannel Strategy, called O2O - Offline to Online, which makes it possible to sell from the store products that are physically not in stock there, but are available in the E-commerce warehouse.

This function is operating, for the moment, in the Calzedonia, Intimissimi and Tezenis stores in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal and, from February, will also extend to the Falconeri boutiques.

Through this introduction, every client who fails to find the size or color of the product chosen in one of the over 2,900 stores involved, will be able to take advantage of this new online service directly in one of our stores.

The first stage of the project will end in February 2020, with the extension of the O2O service to Falconeri stores and with the introduction of the function of home delivery, which will be flanked by the possibility to collect the products ordered at the same store where the order was placed.

Next steps

The next steps of the Omnichannel Project will focus on optimizing stock management and introducing even more innovative shopping opportunities at the store, no longer tied to the actual presence of the item in stock in the store but being able to count – according the "infinite shelf" concept – on the goods in stock at the main distribution center as well as at other stores in the area.

Likewise, the post-sales conditions will be rendered identical between online and offline, aligning and simplifying the procedures so that for the customers it makes absolutely no difference which channel they made the purchase on.

The main goal behind this project is to improve the shopping experience for the customers of the Calzedonia Group Brands, making it at one and the same time easier, more complete and satisfying.